Disc Dogs

George is an avid dog lover, and has had one most of his life. Early in his legal career he had Ralph, his miniature schnauzer, who loved to come to work and be the face of the office. Ralph needed a friend at home, and George’s wife found Babe, an Aussie Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix, who fit in beautifully after she got through her puppy chewing stage. One day at Seattle Center, Babe saw a frisbee competition happening, and she fought hard at her leash to get to the action. George bought her a frisbee and they started to train, and the rest is history. Before Babe, George had never heard of disc dogs, and now they are a major part of his life.

George is a member of WOOFD2, the Washington Owners of Flying Disc Dogs, a club of disc dogs and handlers with members all over Washington State. They travel to put on shows, and have done events for the Everett AquaSox, and the Seattle Seahawks, to name a few. They have performed across the United States and even in Canada. Little did George know when he picked up his first frisbee that he’d be a dog groupie one day.

Currently, George is training and performing with Yam and Arnold Palmer (a dog, not the golfer!). To learn more, peruse each dog’s page linked above.