When Facebook Attacks

Facebook is a double-edged sword when it comes to the Courts. More than once we have looked at public Facebook posts, printed them, and included them in a family case to prove our point, and more than once Facebook posts or messages have been used against our client.

The lesson to be learned is Facebook and text messages are printed in permanent ink, they never go away, and they can and will catch you behaving badly. The same is true for pictures.

Another lesson is that you shouldn’t write something down if you wouldn’t be comfortable reading it out loud in a packed courtroom; and don’t allow or take a photograph you wouldn’t want shown to a judge in front of your mother.

Don’t forget that everyone everywhere has a recording device in their pocket in the form of their cell phone, which can take pictures, and record audio and video.  You never know who is watching and you should be more aware to protect yourself.


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